Sustaining Memories





When the day seems long, and the world closes in,

I find myself dreaming, of places I have been.

Memories with my friends, drift through my mind,

Snap-shots of our lives, and long ago times.


The friend I just lost, in May of this year,

Was strong in mine eyes, displaying no fears.

The years we spent together, I hold in my heart,

The times were too few, now that we’re apart.


My prayers go out to him, and his loved one,

I’d like to think he thought of me, as a son.

He seemed like the brother, I never had,

And before my mother remarried, a temporary dad.


Memories of him, I will always hold dear:

His smile, his Harley, and a can of beer.

The U-of-M chair, that he would leave out,

A friendly invite, to the neighborhood throughout.


At the news of his passing, I shed many tears,

Though thoughts of him will comfort me, year-after-year.

And when life becomes, to much to endure.

I know he will be there, to help me for sure.


His laughter continues, in my mind’s ears,

As well as his presence, among his peers.

His funeral was filled, with friends galore,

A better man could not ask, for anything more.






* In remembrance of John Mustonen *


By Todd Jones - Copyright 2002